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Thursday, March 26, 2015


currently listening to BONFIRE HEART by James Blunt

LOVE MADE ME DO IT . What a catchy phrase ... So what love made me do is this : 

Love is in the air... I've finally changed my phone ! I was a samsung user for 2 years and now I am an apple user! Loving the camera quality and the simplicity design of the iPhone 6 + , the screen is really wide and I've slowly got used to its size. 

So this is our current cover for our phones, we got the clear covers and I just bling it up with these cute giraffe stickers. It looks like they are trying to kiss every time I placed my phone beside his. SO CUTEEEE. Totally loving it. You would assume that the gold is mine but actually the space grey is mine, we kinda switch roles cause usually girls like the gold ones but I prefer the space grey one. 

Oh well, thats all for now, tata ! 

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" Love is unexplainable, you have to be in love to know what love feels like "

Stay Tuned On Everyone's Minds 
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got a secret can you keep it

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Hi all, after a long day of class which starts from 9 a.m to 5 p.m with an hour break in between ... A few churros was what I needed at that time. So we headed down to one of San Churro's branch in QV near our place to satisfy my cravings. 

We don't had much cause it's quite near dinner time and Joying was busy preparing Bak Kut Teh at home. So after this we head straight to her house and have our dinner. Seems like our desserts came before the main! 

It's nice to have a home cooked meals once in a while with some friends. It just takes your worries away for a while. And if you're wondering what are those lovely pastel colour glass bottles on the table, they are actually flavoured vodka drinks. I got them in a pax of 6 with 3 types of flavour and 2 bottles for each flavour. There's pear, peach, and lemon&strawberry, the best one was the peach flavoured ones. 

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  " life can be unfair sometimes, but that's no reason to just give up " 

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got a secret can you keep it                         

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Hello everyone. I'm back to blogging again! Apparently I have stop blogging for a few years and thought I should continue recording moments of my life so I could look back in the future. So this shall be my come back post and hopefully more to come. 

As people who knows me I'm currently studying abroad in Australia and missing home real bad. So to spice up the 'home' that I'm staying in now I've bought this lovely pot of exacums from Woolworths (supermarket) for only 10 AUD. Joying (best friend/family/neighbour /mummyinaus) did some googling and found out that the life span of the plant lasts for 6 months, it is a worthwhile purchase I think.. So this is how it looks like : 

It looks kind of like a miniature daisy, it was nicely trim to a ball like shape when I bought it. I think I would need to trim it sooner or later to keep it in shape. 


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 " the world would be better off not only if people told the truth, but if people believed the truth " 

Stay Tuned On Everyone's Minds 
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got a secret can you keep it                               

Saturday, December 15, 2012

After Falling To 19 - BabyBOO

Play this while you're reading this post , only if you want to . 


Hello again , this is the second part of my little birthday celebration.

@ Red Spice Road 

I'm lazy to blabber about the whole night so I'm just gona let the pictures do the talking. 

This is Xinyi & Joey

This is Wenlin ( Yik yik's wife )

This is Alison & Carren

This is Elaine , Alexis & Nicholas

They're all from my highschool.

They bought me a birthday cake that I loved, there's a thin layer of roche below. Yum yum .The waiter got a bit mad cause when he took the cake out for the first time with the lighted candles ... I went to the bathroom. And he was kinda disappointed and everybody was laughing when i got out of the bathroom.

He caught me off guard the second time cause I dint know he was gona bring the cake out .

With Mable , Wenlin & Meikee

 Elaine went to catch a plane back to Penang right after the dinner and me and some of the girls went to Alumbra for the PJ's Event.

 Stolen some photos from Alumbra's Facebook Page.

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" People who don't accept you for who you are, aren't worth knowing anyway. "

Stay Tuned On Everyone's Minds 

got a secret can you keep it  

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